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102448 Walchem Motorized ball Valve

The Walchem 102448 Motorized Ball Valve is a high-quality valve designed for use in boiler applications up to 300 psi, featuring a 1/2" connection and 120V motor for reliable and precise control.


190997-03 Walchem Flow Switch

The Walchem 190997-03 Flow Switch (Complete) is a high-quality switch designed for low-pressure applications, featuring a 3-foot cable for easy installation and reliable performance.


191929 Walchem Spare Combination Sensor

The Walchem 191929 Spare Combination Sensor/Analog Input is a high-quality spare part designed for use with W600 series controllers, offering reliable and precise sensor measurements and analog inputs.


Extension Cable - (view all)


Myron L pH Sensor Storage Solution - Quart



Extension Cable, 3 twisted pair 24awg stranded, overall shield with drain wire, for active sensors with blue, orange and green pairs. (20ft)

Contact if you would like a different length and I can add that option in.