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Intuition-9 WBL9 Boiler Controller - Fixed Relays

8 powered relays with USA pigtails prewired

USA power cord, 15 Amp

Sensor Input module (2 universal inputs)

Boiler sensor with ATC, 250 psi, 1.0 cell constant, 20 ft. cable



Walchem Intuition-6 Cooling Tower Controller, Six (6) powered relay outputs w/pigtails, USA power cord, One (1) sensor input, Flow switch manifold on panel with graphite contacting conductivity sensor.



Walchem I-6 Controller, General Industrial, (2) Powered Relays Prewired, (4) Dry Contact Relays, Power Cord, (1) Sensor Input Card, No Sensors


Myron L - (view all)

Myron L 753II Resistivity Monitor & Controller

750 Series II Resistivity Monitor / Controller


  • Resistivity ranges: 0-20meg, Digital Read Out
  • Choice of 3½ digit display or analog meter
  • Automatic temperature compensation to 25°C
  • Isolated 0-10 VDC Recorder Output standard
  • IP65/NEMA 4X water resistant and corrosion proof enclosure
  • Built-in electronic calibration
  • Single set point/alarm standard
  • Adjustable setpoint hysteresis
  • Solid State 24 VDC Output
  • 10 amp relay operates on choice of increasing or decreasing reading
  • LEDs show “above/below” Alarm/control status
  • Push-to-test set point check
  • Internal set point discourages unauthorized adjustment
  • Selectable 115/230 VAC
  • Reliable, easily installed sensors