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PulsaFeeder P3PTC1

The Pump Enhancement Parts kit includes all the wet end components to keep your pump performing at its optimum at a reduced cost of purchasing these items individually.

PEPKit, Includes KOPKit, bleed valve, injection valve, foot valve strainer, 3/8"OD tubing.

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Walchem CAN-2PAL-8

The CAN-2PAL-8 Valve, or Injection Valve, is a Walchem metering pump repair part designed for use with EWN pumps featuring 1/2 inch PA low-pressure connections. It is a high-quality repair component that offers reliable and accurate dosing in various industrial applications.


Walchem CAN-2VE-8

This is a Walchem metering pump repair part - a CAN-2VE-8 VALVE, INJECTION, 1/2 VE HI-PR, EWN. It is designed for use with Walchem EWN series metering pumps. The valve is an important part of the metering pump that helps to regulate the flow of the chemical being injected. This particular valve is designed for high-pressure applications and has a 1/2-inch size.


Walchem CAN-1VC-M

The CAN-1VC-M Valve or Injection Valve is a Walchem metering pump repair part that is designed for use with 4x6/9mm metric multi-connections. It is a reliable and high-quality repair part that provides consistent and precise dosing for various industrial applications.