EHE31E1-PE Walchem Metering Pump

Walchem EHE31E1-PE

red and blue pump
red and blue pump Pump 2-16584-56p.png Pump 2-16584-56.png
red and blue pump front and back Pump 1-16585-55p.png Pump 1-16585-55.png

Walchem EHE Series Solenoid Driven Metering Pump, 115vac 1.8A, 5.5gph 150psi max, Wetted parts: PP, EPDM, Ceramic, PTFE. Manual stroke length and speed adjustment. External speed control from pulse signal (Div/Mult) or 4-20mA analog input. Includes 20ft x 1/2" LLDPE tubing, foot valve and weight, injection point check valve.