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Walchem EWN Metering Pump, 1gph, 150psi, 3/8"OD tubing Suction/Discharge, auto-degassing valve discharge, PVC/FKM/Ceramic Head materials, 120vac cord.

Check out our video on how to program an EWN pump to accept a 4-20mA signal.


Walchem EZB11D1-VC

Walchem Solenoid Driven Metering Pump, 115vac, 0.6gph at 150psi, PVC/FKM/CE liquid end materials, 3/8"od tubing Flexcon connections.


Walchem EZB16D1-VCA

Walchem Solenoid Driven Metering Pump, 120vac, 0.9gph 105psi max, Auto Degas Valve, Manual Air Vent Valve, PVC/FKN/HC/Ceramic liquid end, 3/8"od tubing, 360:1 turndown digital speed, Flexcon connections. Includes foot valve and weight, injection check valve, 20ft x 3/8"OD LLDPE tubing.


Iwaki - (view all)


Walchem IX Series Pump, 15.8gph, 145psi, PVDF/FKM, 1/2"MNPT Connections, Top Back Controller Mount



Iwaki Series IX direct drive diaphragm pump, 39.6gph 58psi, 3/4"MNPT connections, PVDF head and fittings, FKM seals, 750:1 turndown, 1% accuracy, analog or digital input, 100-240vac 50/60Hz, wired with US 120v power cord, 1m suction lift; dry, Top Back mounted control panel.


Stenner - (view all)

Stenner 85MJH7A3STAA

The 85MJH7A3STAA Stenner 85MHP40 Single Head Adjustable Output Pump is a high-quality pump designed for reliable and efficient treatment of problem water in various industrial and commercial applications


Stenner 45MJL5A1S

45M5 Stenner Peristaltic Pump, Single head adjustable output, 2.5 to 50 gpd, 0-25psi, 120V, 1/4"OD tubing, Santoprene pump tube #5


Stenner 85MJL5A1STAA

The 85MJL5A1STAA Stenner Pump, also known as the Stenner Classic Series Peristaltic Pump, is a high-quality pump designed for accurate and reliable dosing in various industrial and commercial applications.


LMI - (view all)

LMI B111-85HV


Dual Manual Control

PP head, PP fittings, 316SS Balls, PE 1/2" OD / Vinyl 0.938" OD connections suction/discharge, PTFE cartridge valve or seal ring.

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